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Journals Specifically Devoted to Systems Biology

Journal Overview

adv_systems_biology_cover.jpg biosystems_cover.jpg bmc_sb_logo.jpg comp_math_methods_medicine.jpg journal_bioinformatics_systems_biology.jpg FEBS_letters_cover.jpg frontiers_plant_systems_biology.jpg frontiers_sb_cover.jpg libertas_academica_cover.jpg iee_proc_systems_biology.jpg iet_systems_biology_cover.jpg InSilicoBiology_cover.jpg computational_intelligence_bioinfo.jpg ijssb_cover.jpg international_j_systems_biology.jpg ijsbbt_cover.jpg j_biological_systems_cover.jpg J_compSB_cover.jpg journal_computer_science_systems_biology.jpg j_metabolomics_systems_biology.jpg j_molecular_engineering_systems_biology.jpg journal_systems_science_complexity.jpg interface_cover.jpg metabolomics_cover.jpg molecular_biosystems_cover.jpg molecular_systems_biology.jpg nature_biotechnol_cover.jpg omics.jpg j_plos_cover.jpg PNAS_cover.jpg systems_synthetic_biology.jpg systems_biology_reproductive_medicine.jpg systems_biomedicine.jpg open_systems_biology_cover.jpg j_theor_biol_medical_modelling_cover.jpg j_trans_comp_systems_biology_cover.jpg systems_biology_medicine.jpg

Journal Table

Cover Title First Volume/Issue First Online Volume/Issue Editor-in-Chief Publisher ISSN EISSN SCImago Journal Rank (2012) Comments
adv_systems_biology_cover.jpg Advances in Systems Biology 2012 2012 Selvarajoo, K. Research Publisher Inc. Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal.
biosystems_cover.jpg BioSystems 1967 1967 Fogel, G. Elsevier 0303-2647 1872-8324 0.508
bmc_sb_logo.jpg BMC Systems Biology 2007 2007 Norton, M. Biomed Central 1752-0509 1.296 Open access journal.
comp_math_methods_medicine.jpg Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine 1997 1997 Hindawi Publishing Corporation 1748-670X 1748-6718 0.217 Formerly known as Journal of Theoretical Medicine (1997-2005). Archive
journal_bioinformatics_systems_biology.jpg EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 2006 2006 Tabus, I. Springer 1687-4145 1687-4153 0.407 This journal has moved from Hindawi to Springer in March 2011 and is published now in its SpringerOpen portfolio of open access journals.
FEBS_letters_cover.jpg FEBS Letters 1968 1968 Benjak, Aleksander Elsevier 0014-5793 1.848
frontiers_plant_systems_biology.jpg Frontiers in Plant Systems Biology 2012 Fernie, A. Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal.
frontiers_sb_cover.jpg Frontiers in Systems Biology 2010 Hiroaki, K.; Aldana, M.; Raina, R. Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal.
libertas_academica_cover.jpg Gene Regulation and Systems Biology Willey, J. Libertas Academica 1177-6250 0.269
iee_proc_systems_biology.jpg IEE Proceedings Systems Biology 2004 2004 IET 1741-2471 1741-248X Ceased publication in 2006.
iet_systems_biology_cover.jpg IET Systems Biology 2007 2007 Cho, K.-H. IET 1751-8849 1751-8857 0.674
InSilicoBiology_cover.jpg In Silico Biology - Journal of Biological Systems Modeling and Simulation 1998 1998 Mads, Kaern IOS Press 1386-6338 1434-3207 0.199
computational_intelligence_bioinfo.jpg International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 2009 2009 Chen, Y. Inderscience Publishers 1755-8034 1755-8042 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago
ijssb_cover.jpg International Journal of Systems and Synthetic Biology Chen, B.-S. Serials Publications 0976-6774 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago
international_j_systems_biology.jpg International Journal of Systems Biology Yokota, H. & Frisco, P. Bioinfo Publications 0975-2900 0975-9204 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal.
ijsbbt_cover.jpg International Journal of Systems Biology and Biomedical Technologies Kossida, S. & Kastania, A. IGI Global 2160-9586 2160-9594 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Official publication of the Information Resources Management Association.
j_biological_systems_cover.jpg Journal of Biological Systems 1993 1993 Roger V Jean World Scientific Publishing Company 0218-3390 1793-6470 0.379
J_compSB_cover.jpg Journal of Computational Systems Biology 2013 Annex Publishers Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open Access online Journal.
journal_computer_science_systems_biology.jpg Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology 2008 2008 Lin, S. OMICS Publishing Group 0974–7230 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago
j_metabolomics_systems_biology.jpg Journal of Metabolomics and System Biology 2010 Singh, G. & Ma, Y. Academic Journals Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal. Formerly known as Journal of Systems Biology and Metabolomics
j_molecular_engineering_systems_biology.jpg Journal of Molecular Engineering & Systems Biology 2012 Triplett, E. HOAJ - Herbert Open Access Journals 2050-1412 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Open access journal.
journal_systems_science_complexity.jpg Journal of Systems Science and Complexity 1988 2006 Guo, Lei; Gao, X.-S.; Wang, S.; Feng, D.-X. & Zhang, J.-F. Springer 1009-6124 1559-7067 0.352
interface_cover.jpg Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2004 2004 Dutton, L. Royal Society Publishing 1742-5689 1742-5662 1.689
metabolomics_cover.jpg Metabolomics Goodacre, R. Springer 1573-3882 1573-3890 1.011 Official journal of the Metabolomics Society.
molecular_biosystems_cover.jpg Molecular BioSystems 2005 2005 Harp Minhas RSC Publishing 1742-206X 1742-2051 1.388
molecular_systems_biology.jpg Molecular Systems Biology 2005 2005 Lemberger, T. European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) 1744-4292 6.386 Open access journal.
nature_biotechnol_cover.jpg Nature Biotechnolgy 1983 1983 Marshall, A. Macmillan Publishers Limited. 1087-0156 1546-1696 8.666
omics.jpg OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology 1996 Kolker, Eugene Mary Ann Liebert Inc. 1536-2310 1557-8100 0.867
j_plos_cover.jpg PLOS Computational Biology 2005 2005 Nussinov, R. PLOS 1553-734X 1553-7358 2.691 Official journal of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
PNAS_cover.jpg Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 1914 1915 Verma, Inder M. National Academy of Sciences 0027-8424 5.473
systems_synthetic_biology.jpg Systems and Synthetic Biology 2007 2007 Giuliani, A.; Weiss, R. & Dhar, P.K. Springer 1872-5325 1872-5333 0.853
systems_biology_reproductive_medicine.jpg Systems Biology and Reproductive Medicine 1978 1978 Krawetz, S.A. Informa Healthcare 1939-6368 1939-6376 0.465
systems_biomedicine.jpg Systems Biomedicine 2011 2011 Efroni, Sol Landes Bioscience 2162-8130 2162-8149 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago
open_systems_biology_cover.jpg The Open Systems Biology Journal Bayer, K. Bentham Open 1876-3928 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago
j_theor_biol_medical_modelling_cover.jpg Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 2004 2004 Paul Agutter BioMed Central 1742-4682 0.491 Open access journal.
j_trans_comp_systems_biology_cover.jpg Transactions on Computational Systems Biology 2006 2006 Priami, C. Springer 1861-2075 1861-2083 Not (yet) indexed by SCImago Ceased publication in 2012.
systems_biology_medicine.jpg Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology and Medicine 2009 2009 Nadeau, J.H. & Subramaniam, S. John Wiley & Sons 1939-5094 1939-005X 1.758