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Ageing-related Information Hubs

Name Description Comment
AgeInfo AgeInfo is an information service about old age and ageing. It includes a bibliographic database, detailed information about organisations active in the field of Old Age and Ageing and an international calendar of events (courses, conferences, meetings, training sessions, etc.). Data access requires a payment. access restricted
ForAge ForAge is a European multi-lateral network with the central aim of communicating and promoting experiences of learning for older people. The goal is to help raise standards of practice throughout Europe and beyond.
Health Hub of Information on Ageing The Bupa health hub of information on ageing is a collection of several topics related to healthy ageing and age-related diseases (e.g. osteoarthritis, glaucoma, alzheimer‘s disease). Bupa is an international healthcare group established in the UK.
Geriatrics Research Methods Articles The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Research Commitee provides information on aging research methods and resources for researchers that are conducting research related to older adults. The information spans a wide range of topics from recruitment and retention of older adults, to methodological issues, useful statistical information, and much more.
Healthy Aging

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC provides materials to assist health professionals. The website provides also health information for older adults. Topics are for example the healthy brain initiative, advance care planning, chronic disease management and clinical preventive services.
Infoaging At Infoaging the latest news in the science of aging are reported. Informations based on the expertise of scientists funded by the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR).
International Aging Research Portfolio Database (IARP) The IARP database contains detailed information about ageing research projects worldwide. It includes for instance funding information, the project description and related publications.
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

University of Michigan

The data archive offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data of various disciplines (e.g. demography, history, gerontology...).
JenAge Information Centre The JenAge Information Centre provides various information on ageing, including for example research centres and institutes, databases, books, journals, papers, news, and a meeting calendar. Labhoo is a comprehensive database of Life Science companies and organisations.
Longevity for All - Science and Advocacy The site “Longevity for All” is dedicated to collecting and distributing materials in different languages on Longevity Research and Advocacy around the world.
NIA - Publicly Available Datasets This listing is a collection of publicly available databases of studies funded entirely or in part by the National Institute of Aging (NIA).
Palliative Care For Seniors, Care Givers and Families A collection of links to resources about different aspects of palliative care. It includes for example definitions, costs and funding information, guides for caregivers, palliative care training options and U.S. American palliative care services.
Programmed Aging Theory Info This site is dedicated to providing information and resources about theories of biological aging.
SAGE Crossroads These trading cards feature a fun look at the brains behind some of the leading theories of aging and immortality. The series profiles close to 60 of the most accomplished, cutting-edge, and controversial scientists in the field of aging research. Each card highlights research specialties and goals, key findings, publications, and predictions.
SAGE KE Archive Site From October 2001 to June 2006, Science‘s SAGE KE provided news, reviews, commentaries, disease case studies, databases, and other resources pertaining to aging-related research. Although SAGE KE has now ceased publication, one can search and browse the article content on this archive site. Access SAGE KE archive for free as a AAAS member or byregistering. Access to SAGE KE archive is for free as a AAAS member an requires registering for others.
sageweb - science of aging web Sageweb is an internet-based resource centre to aid biogerontologists and enhance research into the basic biology of aging. It is a community driven site. Users can contribute articles, scripts, datasets, videos, and links through content creation web forms. is an educational resource on the science of aging. It is aimed at a vast audience and includes tutorials for the non-specialist.
UK Data Service The UK Data Service is a comprehensive resource funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) to support researchers, teachers, and policymakers who depend on high-quality social and economic data. It is a single point of access to a wide range of secondary data including large-scale government surveys, international macrodata, business microdata, qualitative studies and census data from 1971 to 2011. All are backed with extensive support, training, and guideance.
U.S. Health Data Community This site is dedicated to making high value health data more accessible to entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers in the hopes of better health outcomes for all.
Who‘s Who in Gerontology The WhosAge database contains people and biotech companies that are contributing to increase our understanding of aging and life-extension. A world map of people by geographical location is also provided.